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My sessions provide spiritual guidance through channeling, numerology, and mediumship.

A life guidance readings helps you see a clearer picture of where you are in your life, how you show up in the world around you, and the connections with those you love most. You’ll learn about the gifts and challenges on your life path, the things you are most drawn to and why, and how to tap into the gifts that we all possess, in order to use them most effectively in your life and relationships.

This reading provides healing and peaceful guidance, while putting you more at ease with who you are, and what calls to you. During this session, we will also take a closer look at your Numerology, to explain the year you are in and the year ahead. Knowing this can be a key factor when making important life changes or choices. There is a sense of peace,  gaining valuable insight as you face change, such as a new job, a new relationship, moving, or ending a friendship or relationship. Clients often say, they feel more at ease with things they didn’t understand about themselves. They even slept better that night, or felt inspired, as this reading connects you with who you are inside, and what you have been most drawn to your whole life.

A Little About Me.

During my younger years, much of my time was spent learning astrology, trying to understand people, and memorizing all the character traits of every astrological sign. At a young age, I enjoyed playing matchmaker with all the knowledge about people I was observing daily. In fact, I am proud for being responsible in a few connections that lead to marriage! Always drawn to everything concerning people, character traits, love, communication, and relationships. It brings me great joy in understanding what makes us different and how we connect, while providing guidance that may encourage people through uncertain, difficult, or periods of change during their life.

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My readings with Nancy have taken my breath away. My first reading happened as I was going through a major transition in my life. Nancy didn’t know a thing about me (she came highly recommended through a friend) I was dumbfounded with all she uncovered. At the end of the reading we went back through everything, and I told her more about my life, for both of us, it was one big “aha” after another. I have recommended Nancy to countless friends and everyone has been amazed at her intuitive gifts.  She is truly gifted.


New York, NY