My Story

From childhood I could feel and sense energy everywhere, from people, walking into a room, a classroom, any public place. I felt everything, never understanding what this meant, or why I always felt so sensitive. Repetitive sounds, loud noise, other people’s emotions would all overwhelm me. Being terrified in my room alone at night, feeling all I could feel, at night when all was quiet, these senses and feelings were magnified.  

During my younger years, much of my time was spent learning astrology, understanding people, and memorizing all the character traits of every astrological sign. Always watching, trying to understand how and interactions and the resulting emotion. Even at a young age, I enjoyed playing matchmaker with gained information. In fact, I am proud for being responsible in a few connections that lead to marriage! I have always been drawn to everything concerning people, character traits, love, communication, and relationships. It brings me great joy in understanding what makes us different and how we connect, while providing guidance that may encourage people through uncertain, difficult, or periods of change during their life.


As I grew older, I spent time learning how to read oracle cards, and tap into the energy of the spiritual realm. While trying to understand how to channel all that I could feel, it was an emotional journey, until I learned how to really use my gifts. The metaphysical remained something that always called to me. 

Not until after I became a Mom, did I answer that calling. It was then that I started taking Psychic medium development classes. These classes along with experiences taught me how to use my channeling abilities. 

As I explain to every client, most Psychic mediums have their own way information flows through them. We are the conduit, giving the information how it was received. The information when I am channeling comes through automatic writing. The sessions are all done over the phone, after I have completed the channeling. In addition to any channeling I do for the client, the second part of the reading includes Numerology.  

When I added Numerology to the sessions, it enhanced all that I have to give, and the fascination I have with life, people, and how we all interact here in the physical world, other realms, and the energies that surround us daily. 

I believe a session with me is something you will find inspiring, healing in some cases, and uplifting. As we understand ourselves, those we love and the world around us. We can show up as the best version of ourselves, using the gifts we have been given.

Nancy Conte