life guidance reading

A life guidance reading provides healing and peaceful insight, while putting you more at ease with who you are , and what calls to you. During our session, I will also talk about your Life Path Number using Numerology, explain the year you are in and the year ahead. This information is a key factor when making important life changes or choices, along with giving some clarity to changes that may be occurring in your life. Such as a new job, a new relationship,  moving, ending a friendship or relationship.

Clients have said , they feel more at ease with things they have always done or felt that they didn’t understand, they slept better that night, or felt inspired, knowing how they feel and what they have always been drawn to, is all on purpose.

1 hour | $125

other services

Mediumship Reading

A conduit between the client and our departed loved ones. I can channel messages, as we connect you with your loved ones on the other side. These readings can bring feelings of peace, healing or closure. The peace in knowing our loved ones are never too far away, can provide great comfort. During our time, we will discuss the signs and symbols we all receive from our loved ones, how to recognize when they are near, and remind you of ways to tune into them. You will see how very common they are, and how often they occur. This is all a reminder that there is more than we can see in the physical world.

1 hour | $125

Compatibility Reading

This session uses intuitive knowledge, along with Numerology, for the connection of a couple.  I will review life path numbers of you and your significant other, or a new relationship.  The session can assist with how to best support each other, communicate, navigate through any differences, and the good you can bring out in each other. It’s a lighter, fun look into a couples connection.

You might be surprised what comes up.

30 minutes | $60

Tarot Card Reading

A tarot card reading is another way to gain insight into pieces of your life now or in the near future. Tarot allows us to tap into the deeper aspects of our being. It may confirm some of the things you already know, and provide further insight.

30 minutes | $60

Oracle Card Reading

If the tarot feels intimidating to you an oracle card reading is a bit friendlier feeling to divine messages. 

30 minutes | $60

Nancy’s mediumship reading was spot on, almost scary how accurate it was. My Dad and the love of my life Lee came through. The messages were exactly what I needed to hear. The experience for me was incredible, energizing , and lightened my heart immensely. The effects of Nancy’s reading have been life altering and stay with me to this day. I have recommended Nancy to all of my friends. Several of them have had readings that were amazing too. Nancy is an amazing human being, and her talent is impressive.


Marshfield, MA

Small group session
6-9 people 

Looking for a reason to have a few friends over? I come to your home for small group mini readings. Gather with your friends in the living room, while I sit with each person one-on-one , for 20-25 minutes.  This fun sessions provide the perfect reason to get together and catch up over some interesting conversation!

$45.00 per person

An additional fee is charged for locations more than 20 miles outside the Boston area. Contact me for details.


Gift Certificates

Love what you hear? Share the gift of a reading with a gift card purchase. This is the perfect gift for anyone in need of some inspiration and guidance. Contact me to purchase.

My session with Nancy was unique and insightful. It is clear she has a real gift connecting to the spiritual world.  And she also has a lot of pertinent knowledge regarding Numerology. She channeled some messages, and drew a picture of my family. The picture she described perfectly aligned with circumstances going on in my life. I found the phone session to be therapeutic and rewarding.


Charleston, SC

The first time I met Nancy, her openness was palpable. Like a friend I had always known .  Over the months she would share her knowledge of numbers, astrology etc…It all made such obvious sense when she said it. I treated myself to a reading from her.  Her readings are just like her;  kind, inquisitive, surprising, and thoughtful. They give me a sense of calmness that I need in this crazy world. A feeling of hopefulness when things are chaotic. It is guidance and enlightenment to give you clarity when you think you have nothing to pull from.  I highly recommend her. She is my quarterly touch base on myself and energies around me.


Boston, MA